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Hello sports fans. We’re talking fantasy sports today and the wonderful world that is

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few years, you’ve seen or heard about what fantasy sports has to offer. For those rock dwellers amongst us, fantasy sports traditionally is a game where you get together with eight-to-14 of your closest friends and enemies and you draft, maintain, and constantly adjust a lineup of based around baseball, football, basketball, hockey or just about any other major sport you can think of.

These can be time consuming, they can leave you wanting more, and worst of all one injury can ruin a season. Your star player taking a cheap shot, or a freak injury sidelining a few of your players can leave you scrambling and possibly with an entire dead season to have to endure.

Sounds awful? It can be, that’s where our friends at come in and save the day. They take that whole season-long process and consolidate it down into a one-day tournament for you to compete with anywhere from one to thousands of people. A draft, a gambit of games and a champion, every day. What could be sweeter?

Free to sign up, and when you do, welcome to the new fantasy world.

A salary cap is the key to this new world. Players each assigned a value by FanDuel. Depending on popularity or star power of a player, you will find they soak up a lot of your allotted cap space. Finding the hidden gems, players return from injury, or breakout stars can be the difference between a win or a loss.

For the purposes of this article, our main focus will be on the FanDuel NHL experience. If you don’t count yourself amongst the millions of NHL fans, no worries at all. FanDuel has offerings for Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf and or Soccer. Take the time to look over at and see all that they can offer you.

An username (as clever as you can be, as a person who has a horribly plain one can attest), email that works, and a password is all you need to allow entry into this fantastical fantasy world.

So, I’m in now, what should I do now?

The easiest way to access all the content they have over at FanDuel is through their mobile application. I’ve included some easy to click (on mobile) links to give you the easiest route to downloading, right down here.

Once you’re all set up with your app on your phone you are able to access just about everything that the website will bring you.

From the main screen, you’re introduced to…

The lobby of contest which will show you all the individual sports, with numbers to show how many contests are ready for you to potentially enter into. An upcoming tab that puts all the contest entries you have going in one easy to access to play with. A Scores tab that will show you all the scores of your currently running contests and where you stand in the world (of that tournament). A tab to give you all the access to your friends and their invites for you to join their leagues, as well as any leagues you are a part of already. Then the Account tab that gives you a whole litany of different menus to access. Places to add cash, earn some cash, change your settings, and then a bunch of support and how to guides for you to enjoy.

The world of fantasy is always changing. An injury here, a rain delay there and your lineup can be in dire need of a refresh. Having the use of an app like they have over at FanDuel can give you the power for the adjustments needed away from your desktop and out in the real world. Living life and winning in the fantasy one too? Sign me up.

After taking your time to sign up for the service, you will be given the option to deposit some cash into your account. There are many free play options rolling through each and every day, but I would suggest giving yourself a little budget of fun to open up most of the contests.

$10 is all it takes to get you playing games with FanDuel. A low point of entry, with contests that are free to enter, all the way up to contests in the $5000+ range. And if you’re feeling like just becoming a part of things and playing along with the free entries, that’s absolutely viable as well.

Once you have some cash (or don’t) in your account, the contests await. You can scan through whatever sport your little heart desires and pick the one, two or more than suit your fancy.

(Disclaimer: Fanduel has updated their formatting but with the NHL being out of season, this is the best we could provide for NHL content right now. Stay tuned for updated images as we near the NHL season.)

When it comes to joining up for a contest, a couple of things to look for:

Prizes – This is the promised amount of total prizes available to be won from. All payouts depending on the contest will come from this pot.
Entry – This will be how much of your own account dollars you have to put down to enter in this contest.
Entries – This is showing you how many people have joined/how many people can join. The more people, the more money, but fewer chances to win, of course.
Size – Showing you how many total entries are allowed for that specific contest
Starts – Pretty straight forward, the time when the first game within the contest will start. That’s when your lineups will normally be due.

And lets talk about lineups for a minute.

The beauty of daily fantasy is being able to set a new lineup for each day. Now you can’t set a line-up of 10 Connor McDavid’s. You have to pick players from multiple teams and games. Hockey lineups are pretty standard throughout (being sure to check your contests set up before partaking, but the norm is:



Wingers (RW/LW)






That process of adding players will look like this… (with hockey instead of football, naturally)

Your roster being filled from a list of available (not injured, playing) players from the night’s slate of games. Always keeping a keen eye on the salary cap. If you venture over that number, you will not be allowed to enter your team. Cap compliance is key. As I mentioned before, finding those guys with lesser value, but high point potential is key.

Points you say? Well there is a break down for those too.



+12 Pts


+8 Pts

Shot on Goal

+1.6 Pts

Blocked Shot

+1.6 Pts

Short Handed Point Bonus (Goal/Assist)

+2 Pts

Powerplay Point Bonus

+0.5 Pts




+12 Pts


+0.8 Pts

Goal Against

– 4 Pts

Shutout Bonus

+8 Pts

Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and who wouldn’t): outscoring your opponents within the contest you entered. Your players will score goals, break hearts, and make dreams come true for their team, and in turn yours. You will follow along, you will cheer, you will cry, and you will take home some cash.

The final totals will be ranked and the prizes paid out as per the pre-determined splits with your opponents..

Opponents you say?

Interaction with others will come in many shapes and forms over at FanDuel. They could be faceless evil-doers that you must overtake on a daily basis. They could be your friends that you brought into the game, but you will be taking them on in nightly combat. Exciting sounding enough. The night to night bragging rights will give you bragging rights at the next office water cooler chat.

Bragging rights are great and all, but imagine the chance to win a pool against 10,000 different players?

Gary and I would be partying until it was 1999.

If you have read this far and are thinking, shut up so I can play some fantasy sports. I hear you, I hear you. But one of the things we here at the Nation would like to reward you with a promotional offer to get you started on your way.


 If you use that code when you go to make a deposit, you will find yourself with up to $120 in credit matching (meaning if you deposit up to $120, FanDuel will match your deposit), and then they will also give you back your first entry fee to your first contest (if you lose).

 Along with exciting promo code offers that you will see all over the TV and interwebs, they also have many many new offerings of promotional games to join in on.

 Some of those promos currently running include:


A free contest presented by the Ford F-Series that will play from August 4th to 18th where you can play for $15,000. The more times you play in this, you will earn more the Toughest Ticket Conest Final on August 20th. If you win that, you will be off to the World Series for a game with you and your closest friend.


You had to have entered at least 20 of the $100 or more entry fee Head-To-Head contests from July 14th to 23rd and then you could have qualified to play in this championship battle for the title of Head-to-head supremacy.


This is a constant contest running officially from the WNBA, every Saturday in which entry is free where you can win a giftcard to the NBA/WNBA store.

These and many others are constantly running every day/week/month/year/decade into the feature. Plenty of things to play within and bring a spice of life to your fantasy day. Check them out here.

I have no doubt that some of you are looking at this and thinking, but I have no real idea where to start with Fantasy hockey. Well, does the Nation Network ever let you down. If you’re not aware, haven’t looked further right than your own Nation yet, or just haven’t yet cared to look, we include your one stop shop for daily fantasy information.

Since 2014, has been your go to site for all the need to know information regarding your daily fantasy needs, as well as all your regular fantasy needs. Who to look for on the waiver wire, or who is in a pristine matchup? You can find it all at

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to toss em our way, or to the fine folks over at FanDuel. They are always happy to try and help you out and get you going into the fantasy world that is