DraftKings Promo Code and Site Review

I’ve been asked to review the fine folks over at DraftKings.com

There’s simply so much to look at with these guys and gals. They have daily and weekly fantasy sports available for pretty much every sporting event you could want. They have the National Football League, they’ve got the National Hockey League, they have the Woman’s National Basketball Association, some NASCAR action. Mixed Martial Arts? They have that. Like e-Sports? Got that too.

Hailing out of the Northeast USA (More specifically, Boston) in 2012, the founding three — Matt Kalish, Paul Liberman, and Jason Robins — parlayed success with VistaPrint into the start of a daily fantasy empire. They took the proverbial bull by the horns and immediately jumped in with a NFL contest worth $300,000, catching the eyes of the world and establishing a solid hold within the territory. Not happy with just one success, they then continued NFL work with a $3.1 million contest the following year, the hype just continues to grow and grow.

Their focus initially was gaining players while not forgetting players that have joined, striving to keep the user experience competitive and fresh.

We here at the Nation know you value your hard earned money, and we want to give you the best information possible. I will be taking a look at a bunch of different angles when it comes to the functionality, aesthetics and overall performance of one of the biggest players in daily fantasy offerings.

If you use a special promo code, you will find yourself signing up with a free bankroll in your account or many other cool swag from the fine folks at Draftkings.

Draftkings are pretty good at getting their name out there if you haven’t already noticed. They run ads almost on the daily, and with those ads they hand out pretty fantastic promotional material. Currently they have a promotion running that will get you playing the game fast and free. In the first half of the promotion give you a free entry into ANY single 3 dollar entry fee contest. That’s a free contest for you to win thousands of dollars with. Can you afford to turn that down? The second aspect of the promotion currently running at this very moment on the fine fantasy site that is Draftkings.com is a $75 value access to the Draftkings Premium. That is three months of the premium content that would run you $25 dollars a month.

A website that offers you all kinds of free content and access into tournaments with promos on a monthly/weekly basis? Yes please.

To access these bonuses you have only to sign up and make a deposit. The entry into your first $3 contest is on Draftkings. Unreal deal.

On top of the promo that you will get the minute you sign up for the website and deposit some money, Draftkings includes many promotions that change and update throughout the calendar year. Some of these examples are:

Commissioner Rewards:

Getting your friends to join you and play along (by adding deposit monies) will earn you rewards yourself. All it takes is getting them to sign up through own personal link. So get your friends in now, and take their money!

Fantasy Racing World Championship:

In a promotion that starts in September (qualifying beginning now), there will be a qualifying tournament to break down into having 5 racing fans playing for the title of Racing World Champion of the fantasy variety.

MMA Fight to the Finish:

A contest that has been working through July and continues now. It’s a tournament that started with many qualifiers and would come down to a championship of $125,000 to the Fight to the Finish Champ.

English Premier League — The Drop Zone:

It’s a contest that is all about not getting relegated out of the show. Every week, the bottom three teams in the contest will be eliminated. My advice, DON’T GET ELIMINATED.

With these and (if this is a thing) almost too many promos, there is so many options for you to choose from. Get yourself in there, playing the game now.

First off, how you can access these sites/apps?

Sign up is easy, and free. A username, email and a password and you’re good to go.

They also have an app for both iOS and Android that you can sign up for, and use with ease. The links for those are here:

So, now that you have access and can follow along easily, I will be breaking down multiple categories.

Ease of Access



Easy Of $ Retrieval



Diversity of Games

Ease of access:

When it comes to daily fantasy, there are few names more synonymous than DraftKings. They’ve had spots on ESPN, in Forbes Magazine, and in the Wall Street Journal. They’re out there everywhere. Definitely good signs. They’re a big player, and therefore they draw in users from all walks and levels of play. That’s also good for people looking to enter at all different levels of skill. When it comes to being able to learn how to play, there is plenty of information on a site like ours, as well as on DraftKings.com. They have multiple levels of information accessible to all of their players from the basic lessons, to tips on daily lineups and stats. Unlike some of the smaller sites, DraftKings have their own app that offers much of the same tools and access on the go which can be huge with the fluidity of injuries and days off in some sports. Imagine being ‘chained’ to your desktop waiting for the start time of each game? Nightmare. Depositing is always important too. Money makes the world go ’round, and money is how you get into 99 per cent of the games on DraftKings. They allow you to use all the traditional online ways to add funds to your account. From PayPal, to all the major Credit and Debit card’s, there is a simple way for you to add funds, responsibly as always. There is $5 minimum addition, which is one of the lowest minimums in the industry.

Overall, the experience of DraftKings is a cut above when it comes to accessibility and is very easy to pick up, whether you’re a first time player, or a season-champion of the daily fantasy realm.

I give ease of access 5 Fists out of 5.


When it comes to applications for your phone, the DraftKings team has you covered comprehensively. Logging in to the app brings you to the home page which is laid out in such a way you can access anything important on the site. They have tabs for the Lobby (where you can see all the contests for each individual sport and then each contest that is starting for each game type within the sport), a tab for Live (where you can find any of the contests you have created a team for), a tab for the Upcoming Contests you have entered in, and a Recent tab (for contests you have participated in for a historical look back at your winning/losses).

I can’t stress enough the convenience of having this at your finger tips is. The freedom to head out for the evening. Perhaps catching the game you have players playing in and having no fear of a last-minute changes throwing you for a loop. It’s clean and concise with enough information for the new and current users to use.

I give the app 5 out of 5 Fists.


Strategy is paramount when it comes to daily fantasy. Whether your opening DraftKings for the very first time, or you’re looking at 20 spreadsheets with algorithms and equations, any information provided is of the utmost importance.

This is where I will take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to remind you that we have a DailyFaceoff team that will help you with all the need to know have tips for any and all of your NHL needs. Take a chance to click the image below and check it out.

And now, back to the show.

So, when it comes to information, the folks at DraftKings provide you, free of charge, articles written with each different sport offerings called “Playbooks.”

NFL Playbooks: These give the absolute most in-depth breakdowns of each and every position on a week by week basis. Also looking at injuries, match-ups and what tournaments to keep an eye on for that week.
MLB Playbooks: Slightly less in-depth than the NFL offerings (and understandably so), their playbooks for baseball still have a lot to offer. They give you tips and tricks to play the clock (as baseball will have afternoon slates of games before the night) as well as looking into pitching and hitting match-ups daily.
NBA Playbooks: About the same level of coverage as the MLB. Daily work. They try and help with the main struggle of NBA fantasy, the nightly lineup rush.
NHL Playbooks: Is a purely in season and playoff data. Strangely they stopped doing daily information mid-playoffs last season. I assume they come back.
Other Playbooks: For all other sports, they continue to update for each and every event that comes up on the schedule.

So, if you’re looking at going in with some information as well as being able to play along of course, DraftKings have you covered.

I give info 4 Fists out of 5.

Ease of Retrieval of money:

So, as you can imagine, a lot of fantasy sites are really, really good at taking in your money. They have that down to a tee. But when it comes to getting the money you earned, it can be a struggle. You have to contact someone in the middle of a country you’re not from and have to jump through their flaming hoops making them happy to simply give you what is yours. As a result many players do look at fantasy sports and games money spent, but not earned.

Thankfully, with DraftKings, it’s not the case. All you need is a PayPal account, which is pretty simple and free or you can provide a mailing address, and DraftKings will send you a cheque.

Just that simple.

I give ease of money retrieval 5 Fists out of 5.



I know, I know it’s weird. Reviewing the rules of the site. But they are important. The one I focus on is the difference between Late Swap and Non-Late Swap. It’s a key thing, being able to edit your lineups until the game time or not. Changes happen. Sports are unpredictable and with the app you are able to check in to make sure the players are playing. So knowing things like this are very important.

I give the rules 5 Fists out of 5.

The Rake:

Websites make money, they need to make money. A website like DraftKings is a website just the same. The ability to bring you fantasy gaming depends on it. The way they do is is called “the Rake.”  Each contest, depending on a varying number of factors, has a small percentage of the total prize going back DraftKings. This is understandable. Everyone has to make money. There has been a push from the smaller fantasy sites to undercut this, but honestly, the trust of the big two is worth it to me.

I give the Rake 4 Fists out of 5.

Types of Contest:

There is many different styles of contest available for you to play with.

GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Contests — Labelled clearly in orange for your viewing comfort. Each participant of these contests get a chunk of the prize. No matter the size of the entrant list. 

Leagues — Are clearly marked in white in the lobby page of the sport it’s running for. These contests must hit full capacity or else the contest won’t run. Contests that are cancelled will have all entry fees refunded. 

Head-to-Head — Two players enter. One emerges the winner with all the money and bragging rights. 

50/50’s — The top half of these contests get paid out. Just that easy. 

Double Ups — Players who find themselves in the prize spots in this pool will double their entry fees. 

Qualifier Contests — These contests will not pay out cash, but tickets instead. These tickets can be used to enter specific contests.

Multipliers- You choose your own risk. 3x TO 10x your entry fees available to you when you win these contests.

Steps- A commitment is needed for this one. You work your way through steps. Advancing with tickets for the next step, jumping to the Step 4 making cash.

Beginner — slightly sheltered contests. When you enter the contest, you cannot have an experience badge, or have more than 50 contests under your belt. 

Casual — Like the beginner contest. These contests are designed for people who have not earned an experience badge.

Free Contests — Free to enter. Free to play. The payout is in entry tickets or DraftKings Dollars.

So as you can see, there is a lot of different offerings for you. They have many different levels of cost to enter. So you are always free to choose what level of commitment you’d like to partake in. Very useful.

I give the selection of game types 5 Fists out of 5.

I hope this review has wet your appetite for some fantastic Draftkings action. Go ahead, be free to play on. If you have any questions, the folks over at Draftkings.com will be more than happy to help you out.